Napkin art and silly doodles. My current fandoms are Hetalia, Inazuma Eleven go and Haikyuu :D My other account with fandom stuff is randomfresa

My pretty ship is complete!

And the next one is Toudou :D

survivalm said: qué bien que la pasa Teshima x’D

Creo que mejor me lo pasé yo de un lado para otro con la cámara de mi hermano :’D Es una pasada de cacharro, la verdad.

Today is Teshima’s birthday. I didn’t draw anything but I took a bunch of photos of my little plushie enjoying life <3 (yup, I’m a lazy bitch but whatever)

No me he olvidado de los inazumitos

No me he olvidado de los inazumitos

I need my brother’s camera to take good photos, but meanwhile here is a little Junta I made today.

Capi pelopo y Gloomy senpai.

Doodle time at midnight

I spent sunday’s afternoon with this little Osaka gentelman.

I owe him a pair of good cargo pants (i run out of felt)



He feels alive~

He feels alive~